The Outer Worlds Trainer cheathappens

The Outer Worlds Trainer cheaphappens

September 09, 2020 v1.0.4
Password: easykill.pro

• Character Creation Max Attribute Points
• Character Creation Max Skill Points
• Unlimited Health
• Player Invisible
• Unlimited Companion Health
• Targeted Enemy Low Health
• Unlimited Time Dilation
• Unlimited Durability
• Unlimited Ammo
• No Reload
• Unlimited Item Use
• Super Max Weight
• Unlimited Weapon and Armor Parts
• Game Speed
• No Hunger
• No Exhaustion
• No Thirst
• Allow SuperNova Mode Saves
• Super Jump
• Low Gravity
• Super Speed
• Easy Open Locked Containers
• Allow Battle Fast Travel
• Allow SuperNova Fast Travel
• Edit: Current XP
• Edit: Current Skill Points
• Edit: Current Level
• Edit: Current Perk Points
• Edit: Current Bits Credits
• Edit: 1-Handed Melee
• Edit: 2-Handed Melee
• Edit: Handguns
• Edit: Long Guns
• Edit: Heavy Weapons
• Edit: Dodge
• Edit: Block
• Edit: Persuade
• Edit: Lie
• Edit: Intimidate
• Edit: Sneak
• Edit: Hack
• Edit: Lockpick
• Edit: Medical
• Edit: Science
• Edit: Engineering
• Edit: Inspiration
• Edit: Determination
• Edit: Current Health
• Edit: Max Health
• Edit: Max Hunger
• Edit: Max Thirst
• Edit: Max Exhaustion
• Edit: Current Hunger
• Edit: Current Thirst
• Edit: Current Exhaustion
• Edit: Current Level
• Edit: Current Perk Points
• Edit: Positive Reputation
• Edit: Negative Reputation

The Outer Worlds Cheat Codes

First stuff, however. You’ll need to download SunBeam’s The Outer Worlds Unlocker if you want to use the Outer Worlds console. If you haven’t done this before, or are struggling, you can read this step-by – step guide. Some of these Outer Worlds mods are life quality improvements, while the others are bug fixes.They will make it easier for you to play while trying out some of the best The Outer Worlds builds or looking for some of The Outer Worlds’ weapons.

If it’s all downloaded and you’re ready to go, then read on. Throughout this, the Outer Worlds console commands direct us through all the console commands we know about, and what they do.Some of them are a little more complex than others, so they need some clarification. Here are the Outer Worlds console commands, anyway.


  • Add currency – AddCurrency (enter number) 1
  • Change FOV – fov (enter value)
  • Fix for the bugged “Passion Pills” quest – QuestStart Passion
  • If you want to skip the quest and get the companion, use this – DebugUnlockCompanion 4
  • Infinite HP – god
  • Pause the game – pause
  • Flycam – toggledebugcamera
  • HUD toggle – ShowHUD command
  • Increase your character’s level – SetLevel
  • Increase your perks – PerkPointsAdd

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