Crusader Kings 3 v1.0.3 Trainer CheatHappens Free Download

Crusader Kings 3 v1.0.3 Trainer cheathappens Free Download Here. So, you are able to modify all in game:

  • Enable Console
  • Game Speed
  • Wealth
  • Prestige
  • Piety
  • Reknown
  • Is IronMan Mode
  • Is Able For Achievements

September 15, 2020 v1.0.3
Password: easykill.pro

Crusader kings 3 1.0.3 version updated trainer unlock perks get golds

Get your free trainer. Direct link to download, no need any membership!

New update v1.0.3 patch published now, you can find patch notes below. Also dont forget to download new version of trainer.

More specifically, CK3 Update 1.0.3 introduces fixes for issues pertaining to the game’s Succession system.

“Independent from this patch, we have pushed a potential fix for Steam users that couldn’t fire up the game. This means that next time you will start the game via Steam, you will get an installation step (like on a first-time installation), don’t worry, this is perfectly normal!” developer Paradox added.

Here are the full CK3 Update 1.0.3 fix notes, as definite on the game’s forums:

Fixed different issues identified with success.

As this is just the main post-dispatch CK3 fix, beefier ones make certain to follow sometime later. While we pause, you can make up for lost time with the game’s fairly huge rundown of console commands and cheats.

Crusader Kings 3 Cheat Codes

Note: Do not type in the brackets with the code. For instance, gold [amount] would be entered as: gold 1000

gold [amount]Adds [amount] of gold to the player character.
kill [character id]Kills [character id]
gain_all_perks [character id]Gives all lifestyle perks to [character id]
know_schemesDiscovers all schemes targeting the player character.
end_schemesAll schemes targeting the player character are abandoned.
instabuildHoldings and buildings in the player character’s domain are finished in a day.
add_perk [perk id] [character id]Adds [perk id] to [character id]
add_piety [amount]Adds [amount] of piety to the player character.
add_prestige [amount]Adds [amount] of prestige to the player character.
add_trait [trait id] [character id]Adds [trait id] to [character id]
event [event id]Triggers [event id].
give_title [title id] [character id]Gives [title id] to [character id]
set_sexuality [sexuality id] [character id]Changes the sexual orientation to [sexuality id] for [character id]
pregnancy [character id] [character id]Impregnates female [character id] with father [character id]
All Crusader Kings 3 Cheat Codes

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